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Send us 5 pictures with descriptions via e-mail. Pictures can be attached to your E-mail and send - all technical errors report to:

1. Paintings descriptions:

  • YEAR
  • TECHNIQUE (materials)
  • SIZE

Please send us only JPG picture type files, with min. 450 and max. 600 pixels high or wide (screen resolution 640 x 480). Be sure to scan them at true RGB colors.

2. Do not forget to send:

  • personal statement
  • biography
  • possible past exhibits
  • meaning of your paintings, etc;
  • 10 keywords which describe you and your work (acrylic, canvas, oil, your state, etc…)
  • one sentence which describes you and your work


You can also use standard  mail to send us photographs of your paintings for scanning. In that case If you're mailing photographs, scanning is $10.00 per image.

You don't have to enclose a  check with your material.   American Art  Society   will contact you upon receipt of your material and you will have a  final approval as to your web page. After your page confirmation you will get further instructions.